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Waterslides Warning Signs

Blue Moon Apartments

Business card
Easily updatable websites/blogs
Website graphics & content
Facebook pages

HCI Jobs

This project includes:

Website Law Compliance (T&C, Privacy, Cookies), Newsletter, Social Media Pages, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Banners and Video Ads.

Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, MailChimp, WordPress

Price Zone: Website Video

This project includes:

Website Law Compliance (T&C, Privacy, Cookies)
for the demonstration
of their pan-european  eCommerce site to potential investors
Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop

Job #5: Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation shows a timeline with the most important moments of the couple, from when they met until the wedding and the baptism of their baby.

Software: Photoshop


This infographic demonstrates the management of a residential complex during the summer months.

Software: Photoshop

Game Scene

In this in-class exercise I had to make a video game scene in 20 minutes time.

Software: Photoshop

Professional Practice in Art & Design

This project includes:
  • Business Card (in portfolio)
  • Logo Design (in portfolio)
  • Headed Paper (in portfolio)
  • Cover Letter (not shared)
  • CV (not shared)
  • SWOT Personal Analysis (not shared)
  • Workbook/Notebook: click here
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop
Module: Professional Practice in Art & Design

Paradisos Holiday Studio Apartments

This project includes:

  • Main Signs
  • Logo Design
  • Facilities Symbols
  • Easily updatable website/blog
  • Website designs & contents

Software: Photoshop

Waterland Warning Signs

Signs design for the slides of Waterland Waterpark in Thessaloniki.

Software: Photoshop

Commercial Photography: Calvin Klein

The concept of this commercial refers to the known story of Adam and Eva that the apple was the women’s top temptation. This advertisement claims that the cologne is so good that makes the man who wears it the top temptation of a woman. It is compared with the unused apple which has been rotted and could symbolizes the other men. The used font of the slogan is similar to the font of official Calvin Klein logo. The image is focused on the cologne, which is placed on a leave that might indicates nude and sex.

Critical Review: click here
WorkBook: click here

Software: Keynote, Pages, Photoshop
Modules: Commercial Model Making

Commercial Photography: Samsung

3D TVs are usually sold without the required 3D glasses. Therefore, I decided to make an advertisement with a promotional campaign. Samsung would provide the 3D glasses for free when you buying a 3D TV. The ad shows a hand that comes out from the screen and gives the glasses.

Critical Review: click here
WorkBook: click here

Software: Keynote, Pages, Photoshop
Modules: Commercial Model Making

Commercial Photography: Nescafe

The ice coffee also known as Frappe is made by the same product as the hot coffee Nescafe Classic. Therefor, I decided to create a commercial that covers both of them, trying to convince consumers that Nescafe Classic is the coffee which should accompanying their day whatever the weather is. The picture shows a place with the Frappe and warm weather at one side and hot coffee and cold weather at the other. The Nescafe Classic packaging is placed in the middle. The items were surrounded by ice and  coffee beans.
    Critical Review: click here
    WorkBook: click here

    Software: Keynote, Pages, Photoshop
    Modules: Commercial Model Making

    Story Lines: Souvan and Monika

    Click on the image to view comic book 

    After the exile of Adam and Eva from Paradise, everyone be a victim of the devil and exiled to earth except an avian species, Souvan and Monika. Two cute, stupid birds will deal with the temptation of the devil in a different funnier plot than Adam and Eve.

    *Ιncludes: Narrative experiments, Story pitch, Visual Research, Visual Reference

    Software: Illustrator, Maya, Photoshop, Power Point
    Module: Visual Communication in Art and Design,

    Character Design

    Body Character Design

    Face Character Design

    Concept Art: The City Street

    Historical Street Scene

    The image illustrates the Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki in 1831. The original picture (black & white) colored, painted new sky and changes were made on the original buildings. Moreover, added new buildings and objects as the well, people, birds… The composition created in the applications Corel Painter 11 and Photoshop CS4 for the project Concept Art – The City Street.

    North Africa
    Street Scene

    This is my first digital painting started in the first Corel Painter class.

    Workbook: Workbook.pdf

    Software: Corel Painter 11, Photoshop
    Module: Digital Image Creation and Development 
    Constantine C.
    London, UK