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Video Game Proposal

This is an upcoming 3D game design project based on the Surf Camp project. It includes environment design, lighting, character modelling, character rigging, animation, audio, texturing and basic game programming. There are not programmers in this individual project. There will be explored some basic game programming skills for creating a software that viewers can explore the game environment by controlling the character to walk run and maybe jump, but the main object of the project is a motion prototype that showing how the game would look, sound and behave once developed. The project will be submitted in a website form with an animation trailer and description of the game purpose, concept and mechanics. It will contain a documentation with sketches, concept art and finished artwork for demonstrating the initial game state, in progress state, failure state, success state and maybe some gameplay variation.

Game Pitch:

The game will be based on the real job of lifeguard. You will be playing Tom, who guarding the beach of a summer camp. Your mission is to avoid customers accidents by informing them to follow the rules. For instance to whistle someone who pretending dead or playing a dangerous game, to ask the customers get out from the sea before a dangerous event (weather, waves, sharks etc.). If an accident happen you have to do the right action of a real lifeguard. For example to inform the replacement lifeguard when you saving someone, to decide if you will use the Jet-ski or swim, which first aid technique you will provide for each accident etc. You will also have to use lifeguard’s tools such as binocular, walkie-talkie and beach flags. But the real job of lifeguard is not only making observations and saving lives. A lifeguard may be distracted from small accidents, customer complaints, walkie-talkie calls or even nice looking people. It is exhausting to guard the beach all day if you don’t drink and eat enough or if you don’t put enough sun creme. If you don’t care yourself you will have to deal with limitation to your consciousness during your work. The purpose of this video game is to give an understanding of the mode of working to the lifeguard learners before start their job.


This is a 3D environment design project includes textured terrain, several structures, character, camera animation and a report with the basic stages of development, reached results and workbook pages.
Software: Final Cut Pro X, Maya
Modules: 3D Computer Modelling and Animation, GamePlay

VFX project - 3:14

This is a teamwork project of horror film trailer with 3D visual effects. The film's title "3:14" is the time was made the abduction.

More Info


Software: Maya, Nuke, Premiere, Soundbooth, After Effects
Module: Digital Media in Art and Design
Constantine C.
London, UK