Capture the Dream - Dean's Interview -


Capture the Dream - Dean's Interview
This project is a proposal for a short autobiographical film into a website form. The website contains:

- Home Page: includes a short pitch and website contents.
- Script: includes the full script.
- Storyboard: includes a drawing of a scene from the scrip.
- Making Of: documents the development of the narrative and visual style of the proposed film.
- Links: includes reviews of other autobiographical narratives and links to relevant websites.
- Extra: Video editing exercise.

Short Pitch: Dean is a wise university student. But before reaching this point, he was a perky and impetuous teen. By the time he decided to find a sport to relieve. In his interview, Dean will narrate his hilarious snowboarding adventure. The interview is filled with funny references, quotes, adrenaline and adolescent impulsiveness.

Critical Review: click here
Workbook: click here
Updated Screenplay: click here

Software: Final Cut Pro X, Celtx, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
Modules: Visual Communication in Art and Design, Video Production


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